Semi-Custom and Custom Protein Microarray Services

Protein Biotechnologies offers semi-custom and custom protein microarray services. Semi-custom protein microarrays can be fabricated using protein lysates from our extensive library of human clinical specimen lysates. This allows maximum flexibility to specifically select the tissue lysates that most interest you. Custom protein microarrays can be fabricated with antibodies, synthetic peptides, recombinant proteins or other cell and tissue lysate preparations. These materials can be either user-supplied or we can assist you in obtaining the required materials. In conjunction with our experienced staff, we will help with microarray design and fabrication for your screening project.

A number of slides with different surface coatings and attachment chemistries are available for printing microarrays depending on the requirement for covalent (C) or non-covalent (NC) binding. Please inquire if you have other attachment requirements and preferences.

Coating/Chemistry Molecular Attachment
Nitrocellulose Non-Covalent
PVDF Non-Covalent, Hydrophobic
Hydrogel Non-Covalent
Aldehydesilane Covalent/through primary -NH3 groups
Aminosilane Covalent/through -COOH groups
Epoxysilane Covalent/through primary -NH3 groups


Molecular Derivative Isolation Services

Protein Isolation
PBT offers protein isolation services for various applications such as protein microarrays, 1 & 2DGE and mass spec analysis. We can suggest a protocol and buffer system or you can specify the isolation conditions required for your experimental system.

DNA/RNA Isolation Services
PBT offers DNA, total RNA and mRNA isolation services from cultured cells, mammalian tissues and other source materials for various applications such as Northern/Southern blotting, cloning, cDNA or genomic library construction, PCR and in vitro translation of protein. A number of protocols are available to choose from or we can follow one of yours. Procedures can be scaled to handle milligrams to grams of starting material.

Tissue Procurement Services
PBT offers the ethical procurement of blood specimens, human specimens and human tissue through a strategic partnership with Integrated Laboratory Services - Biotech. We can obtain normal and diseased human tissues, tumor and adjacent normal tissues as well as other disease states. Tissues can be sourced based on multiple criteria such as age, sex, race and disease classification. Please inquire to discuss your specific needs.


Custom Antibody Production Services

For generating custom antibodies, we recommend contacting Pacific Immunology Corp., a leader in this field for over 30 years. Pacific Immunology’s monospecific antibody production program generates epitope-specific polyclonal antibodies at a fraction of the cost of monoclonal antibody development, while a comprehensive selection of immunochemistry and peptide synthesis services allows clients to obtain these services from a single source.